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Affordable RV Rentals

Recreational vehicles, better known as RVs have become a luxurious indulgence for many. They are commonly referred to as homes on wheels. RVs are living quarters on wheels, which can be driven around the country, with ease and convenience.

A recreational vehicle is an ideal option for a family, when outdoor activity is the main objective of the vacation. RVs eliminate the need of car rentals and reservations. It also overcomes the problem of delayed and cancelled flights, especially during peak vacation seasons. Some of the RVs rentals feature fully functional kitchens, with stove- tops, microwaves, kitchenware and utensils.

RVs are rented out in the order of their class. They are distinctly classified as A, B or C class. The "A" class includes luxurious RVs, very expensive to rent out. The rental is charged on a per day basis and may range form $750 to $900 per day. The rates for long-term hire are lesser, though. The "B" class RV is not as luxurious, but do feature state- of- the- art safety equipment and comfortable sleeping, bathing and cooking equipment. They are rented out at a daily rental of around $600 to $750. The affordable or "C" class RVs are small in size and do not feature luxurious fittings like, wooden finish counter tops in kitchens, king size beds or oversized bathtubs. They are simple and have all the basic and necessary equipment. It is an appropriate option for a group of bachelors on a road trip or for a group of travelers, low on finance.

The services offered by the RV rental companies do not change with the type of RV. They insure the travelers and the rented vehicle and do not charge them for the LPG used and allow them to use all the equipment on the RV.

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