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Altitude Chambers

Altitude Chambers are used mainly in the mountainous condition for test many electronic types of equipment, and check whether it is working properly or not. These include computers, electronic items etc. For this test condition is created temporarily and the test is conducted. There are various equipments for this purpose that can test by creating low temperature condition. These chambers are of different size and shape, thus the customers can use it according to their requirement. There are various wide variety of test chambers, these include walk in chamber or drive chambers that can be used in a flexible way.

The main use of attitude chambers inspire the situation experienced with machinery built-in aircraft, and also various situation regarding the take off and landing of the flight. These altitude chambers have various humidity ranges that are used for testing various equipments. Various programmed controllers are used for this purpose that is used to create various temperatures for the different test condition. These program controllers make the operation of these chambers quick, easy and in reliable way. There are various companies which provide equipments for this purposes which is some what cheap, will be very much user friendly. These machines can give the environment of different temperature condition.

These are the various features of altitude chambers

Provide temperature range from -70 to 170C

Provide altitude range from ground to 100,000 feet

Provide humidity control when altitude system is not on.

Chamber size can be specified by the customer

Provide automatic altitude control, integrated with temperature controller

We provide various services to all users of temperature and climate test chambers, equipments, altitude Chambers

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