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Body Measurements - Some Notes

This is not an article specifically on clothing measurements that you see in clothing stores but instead important measurements that are used when drafting patterns for the body.

Some notes then on measurements:

1) Bodice Length

(a) is an important measurement from the base of the neck. It is important to pick out the correct starting point around the neck and then take the measurement to the central waist point. In some way this measurement is linked directly to the actual centre front measurement.

2) Bodice Length

(b) which is taken from the shoulder neck point over the bust to the waist. There is no direct link to the first bodice length measurement. For example, subtracting one from the other doesn't seem to be overtly important. Still both these measurements are basic and significant measurements re: overall shaping and control for the design of the garment.

Thus these are two types of Bodice Length. Now some other measurements:

3) Chest Measurement. This may be a misleading term because firstly one can question whether there is a specific chest line that one can measure. Secondly it is not the chest circumference that I am referring to but a measurement called the Chest Measurement but also the Across Measurement which is important in drafting the front bodied and central to the creation of the armhole. You can ask if it is possible to measure the full chest circumference. You could then measure independently the front and back chest lines. However the aim of the ‘across’ or chest measurement is to draft the armhole. Yes it is an important measurement for the drafting of the armhole and one could say that this measurement should go across the body from one underarm point to another.

The person being measured should of course raise their arms. Still the measurement is not clear and in some drawings you may see the measurement taken to a mid armhole line. Note too that for women's measurements, the chest measurement is a distinct measurement from the bust measurement which is measured over the bust. The chest measurement is the line above the bust and this may help in clarifying the chest or ‘across’ measurement. It is thus a measurement possibly best taken under the arms and above the bust.

4) Shoulder Width: This is an interesting measurement taken from one shoulder tip point across the front of the body to the other shoulder tip. If you look at some images of the body, you will see that this measurement can be easily taken. It might be difficult because the body is not obviously a flat plain and the body expands, you might, say at the front of the body i.e. chest area so that there is thus obvious curvature or a natural pushing forward of the body. However the shoulder width measurement can still be taken and it is an important measurement. I think that the body pushes forward and not that the shoulder tips are located ‘outwards’ from the body in some way. Still the measurement is easy to take.

5) Shoulder Tip to Centre Waist: This is an important measurement too and it shows above all the true 3d nature of the body. Measurements must be taken in suitable places to gauge the shape of the body. Many measurements are important to get a full picture of the shape of the individual body. This particular measurement was an important measurement in the past. It might still be used in customized clothing shops. It is taken from the shoulder tip over the bust point to the centre waist.

6) Shoulder Width: This is taken from the Shoulder Tip to the Shoulder Neck Point, where the shoulder meets the neck. Follow the shoulder line to where it ends at the neck.

7) Shoulder Height: This is an interesting measurement too which is taken from the shoulder tip to a point on the side of the body. The measurement you could say is taken along the armhole and then straight down to a side waist point. It is an important measurement for the ‘side of the body’. Remember that you are measuring the bodice and are aiming to separate the arm from the body. Do not measure the whole armhole. The shoulder height is the height of the bodice from the shoulder tip to a suitable point on the waist line.

8) Side Measurement: This is the measurement for the side seam for a waist length garment and is taken from under the arm to waist level.

8) Waist Measurement: Remember these measurements are important in drafting patterns. They are used for drafting the front bodice and this measurement is not the full waist circumference but from one side to the other across the front.

9) Neck Measurement: A suitable neck measurement should be taken across the front from shoulder neck point to shoulder neck point. This measurement follows of course the neck line. It goes down to the base of neck and up again.

10) Other measurements: There is of course a suitable hip measurement but most basic patterns are drafted to the waist. There is also a measurement from the bust to waist level but it may not be too important. There is also a measurement from bust point to bust point.

Source: www.articledashboard.com