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Vibration Testing Equipment

Vibration tests are carried out to discover how a component or assembly will survive or stand up to real-world situations. Conducting the said test either in the field or in the laboratory usually entails the utilization of data analyzers, accelerometers, displacement transducers, a vibration meter, a level recorder, climatic chambers, vibration exciters, controllers, and many other vibration testing equipments.

Transducers are needed in vibration tests and analyses to change mechanical energy into electrical energy. This equipment produces an electrical signal which is a mechanical vibration's function. Among the transducers installed to the vibrating device are accelerometers and velocity pickups. The accelerometer is a widely used transducer that does the job of creating an output signal that is proportional to the acceleration of the vibrating apparatus.

Accelerometers are important in vibration testing since they have an excellent sensitivity trait and a wide, helpful frequency spectrum. Though accelerometers are light in weight and small in size, they have the capability to calculate the vibration at a certain point without loading the vibrating mechanism. Also, accelerometers work easily with electronic integrating networks to accomplish a voltage that's proportional to displacement or velocity.

Vibration analyzers are also significant vibration testing equipment. This tool may range from a very simple apparatus to a device that gives instantaneous analysis of the whole vibration frequency range. Vibration analyzers are perhaps the most important equipment in a vibration study. They can be a constant-percentage-bandwidth or a constant-bandwidth type of apparatus. To show the comprehensive data, vibration analyzers usually feature a kind of graphical display.

Also, frequency analyzers are needed in a vibration study. This type of analyzer verifies the distribution of acceleration in various frequency bands. Moreover, the frequency-weighting network is the one that mimics the sensitivity of humans to vibration with different frequencies. To measure vibration, some kind of level meters can be employed. Vibration meters are also recognized as good vibration testing equipment. Those vibration meters that feature accelerometers can be very useful for instant vibration measurement.

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