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Working as an English Teacher in Korea

Korea is widely known as the "land of the morning calm." It is an interesting country of contrasting combinations, ancient oriental tradition, and advanced technology. Currently regarded as a developed country with more than 60 million citizens, Korea is a major player in world politics and the market place. Its entry to the world stage has created a need for English teacher jobs. At any given occasion, there are countless of English teachers in Korea—savoring the Korean spicy cuisines, living it up the Korean way, and working hard to earn a living. The recompense is as greater as the demand. The salaries and privileges for an English teacher in Korea can compete with others worldwide. Good opportunities for entry-level teachers abound.

At par value, wages in Korea give the impression of being competitive with your earnings at home. But then again, think about the low standard of living and the 5% tax rate, which is by other standards, is relatively low. Housing is free, including airfares and also food in some schools is for free. Great savings indeed. Still countless of teachers come to Korea to appreciate its culture, have an adventure, and of course, save money. On the whole, an English teacher in Korea can no doubt save a lot. The normal spending is probably around 25-30% of a teacher’s monthly revenue. Small wonder then, that many graduates either experienced or not, have found their way to English teacher jobs in Korea.

There are a lot of choices of teaching jobs for an English teacher in Korea. Either private or public schools, the options vary from kindergarten to high school and the much desirable university teaching jobs. Care in choosing your job is needed because with the right job comes an assortment of benefits and privileges. An English teacher in Korea can have superb accommodations for free. What a way to save money. Compared to standard of living in other Asian countries, Korea’s lifestyle is commendable. Almost all teaching job contracts are good for a year. But working in a university or in public schools, an English teacher in Korea will obtain longer holidays.

To prepare you for what to expect of English teacher jobs in Korea and in other Asian countries, go to esljob.org. If you need s list of English teachers in Korea or would like to register as one visit esljobkorea.org/esl-teachers.php. Make ready resumes for easy uploading in search for teaching jobs in Korea. It is always good to be on your toes. Korea beckons, the time to move is now.

Source: www.articlecity.com