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Make Yourself Into a Human Antenna

Why would you ever need to make yourself into a portable human antenna? Well how about for Police, Fire Fighters, First Responders, Field Researchers, Military and FEMA?

We propose building a uniform for infantry communication specialists, which is an antenna. The sleeves will have elongated zippers. One sleeve will have a zipper which when open will expose a nickel silver antenna, which will go from the elbow to the wrist. The other arm will have an antenna when exposed which goes from the shoulder to the wrist. The longer antenna will have a wire tube, which can be connected to the midpoint of the other forearm antenna.

This wire tube will when extended point past the forearm antenna to complete a directional antenna. The antennas when stored will have dense lead like covers around the zipper to protect them from EA (electronic attack) or detection.

The Soldier will place one arm straight up and unfold the system to the other arm, which will be bent upward at the elbow. The arm pointed straight up will have a base connection, which can touch the jawbone.

We will use technology now available in the Cell Phone Telecom Industry, which allows for non-verbal communication via the vocal cords vibrations and use the inner ear for direct transfer, with a micro recording device on the Shoulder of the soldier. It is theorized that this can be used for human sonar, hyperwave generation, microwave defense, communication, rescue, emergency or as a warning device.

For military it could be used within the battlespace for offensive or defensive operations.

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