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Computer projectors have become indispensable for company presentations. The audio-visual impact alone really drives a difficult point home.

Most computer renting companies also provide computer projectors. However renting a computer projector can be complex as projectors are custom-designed for different operating systems and even processors. Before renting, a company will ask what computer will be used: iMac computers use different types of projectors than IBM. The resolution and the video card of the computer also matter in the final output on the projector.

Another factor is the room size and lighting. Rooms that cannot be darkened would preferably need a LCD screen. LCD screen would also Plasma monitors would suffice if the assembly will be small. The size of the monitor would also depend on the size of the room and how far the people are going to sit from the display. Sound quality is also affected by the size of the room.

Before renting a projector, inform the renting company whether videos are to be shown or just slides and transparencies.

Computer projector renting companies usually setup the entire audio-visual equipment when a rental order is placed. Get the whole thing checked, for video and sound quality. Also try out the projector before hand, especially if there are laptops to be used. The renting company also undertakes the dismantling of the unit after the program is completed.

Renting companies allow their projectors to travel with the business if necessary. For portable projectors, insist on a case to pack the equipment. Also the projector itself should be lightweight, not weighing more than 10 pounds.

Costs of renting computer projectors are tax deductible if they are used for business. Companies may pay for them using checks or their company credit card.

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